Saturday, January 19, 2013

Interview with New Tucson Greyhound Adopters

Not long ago, the Vaskovic Family adopted Lacey, a SA Greys' greyhound. The family consented to an interview about what life with a newly adopted greyhound is about. The actual interview questions and answers are presented here.

What is the deciding factor to adopt a greyhound over another breed? What can other people learn about adopting a greyhound?

SAG: Sophie, what grade are you in?
Sophie: 7th.

SAG: Why did you want to adopt a greyhound?
Sophie: I love dogs and I've met a lot of greyhounds at fairs and I think they are beautiful and gentle dogs.

SAG: What is your role with Lacey?
Sophie: I help take care of her. I play with her. I walk her and sometimes just hang out with her.

SAG: Did Lacey come to you with name or did you name her?
Sophie: Lacey came with that name. I think it suits her. She's a petite girl and Lacey sounds like that.

SAG: what are your 3 most favorite things about Lacey?
Sophie: She's the sweetest dog ever. I love it when she plays and runs around with me in the backyard. I love how she gets so excited to go for a walk.

SAG: What are your 3 least favorite things about Lacey?
Sophie: I don't like how she chewed up my toys but other than that there's nothing I don't like about her.

SAG: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Sophie: I would be a wolf because first, wolves are my favorite animal, two, I think wolves are beautiful and brave and lastly, I think wolves are powerful and care a lot about family.

SAG: Thank you. Now, here's your chance to tell the world why greyhounds are special. What would you say?
Sophie: Greyhounds are special because they are very unique and gentle. They must very forgiving dogs because their racing life couldn't have been very good and then when they come to live with you they are happy and gentle.

SAG: You are very astute for such a young age. Any other things you want to say.
Sophie: I want to thank my Dad for finally giving in and letting us get a dog.

SAG: We want to thank your Dad for finally giving in too!  Now let's hear from your Mom, Lisa.

SAG: Are there other pets in the household?
Lisa: One cat

SAG: What is your role with Lacey?
Lisa: I feed her, walk her, pet her and tell her what a wonderful dog she is. I make sure nothing is left lying around that she could chew up when she is home alone.

SAG: As a parent, at what age do you think a child can show responsibility for pets?
Lisa: Even a young child can learn to be kind and gentle to their pets and help care for their pets

SAG: What are the positives of having a child participate in pet responsibility?
Lisa: it helps them learn to take care of someone other than themselves and it's great for them to experience the unconditional love of a pet.

SAG: What are the negatives of having a child participate in pet responsibility?
Lisa: As they get older they get so busy with school, sports and activities that sometimes they have to make the effort to spend time with their pet.

SAG: What are you favorite things about Lacey?
Lisa: Seeing her go from being so scared and mistrustful when she got here to being so happy about everything! To see her personality emerge has been great.

SAG: What are you least favorite things about Lacey?
Lisa: That she discovered she like to eat plastic! That she likes to eat poop (dog, cat, bird, lizard); she loves it all.

SAG: If you could be any animal what would it be?
Lisa: I have always liked deer and it was interesting because the first month or two it was like we had a deer living in our house. Here we had this tall, brown silent creature staring at us with frightened eyes. Sophie's Dad kept saying, "She reminds me of a deer."

Congratulations to the Vaskovic Family on adopting Lacey!

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