Thursday, July 31, 2014

Feast Restaurant Hosts Benefit for Greyhounds

Get your taste buds up for a feast of a meal at Feast Restaurant in Midtown Tucson. When you dine at Feast on Tuesday, August 19th - 20% of your check will be donated back to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption (SA Greys).

You must present a flyer (download and print) to your server in order for SA Greys to receive the 20% donation. The flyer is good for lunch and dinner and includes all food and beverages, as well as any bottled wines and spirits that you purchase to take with you.

Feast is a fabulous locally-owned restaurant. Owner / chef Doug Levy has received numerous accolades for his creative cuisine. Feast has the honor of being one of the top 25 restaurants in Arizona. 

Treat yourself on Tuesday, August 19
3179 E. Speedway Blvd
 Hours: 11am to 9pm .
Reservations recommended: 520-326-9363

 Eat, drink, and bring your co-workers, family and friends.

Feast is both cozy and upscale. It offers an eclectic menu and an extensive wine list. Check out the menu.

See you there!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Indigo and Payson Updates!

Last week, we told you about Indigo and Payson, the latest arrivals from the track.  Here is an update and some good news.

Indigo, our newest broken leg dog, is hanging out in foster care awaiting surgery on Tuesday.  He had three firsts this weekend.  He picked up a toy, he went for a very short walk (because he insisted on not being left out), and he managed his first roach.  It is an aided roach, but we're giving him credit for it because he had the extra weight of his cast.


The report on Payson from his Twin Peaks vet visit was all good news.  There were no broken bones.  He has a sprain in his rear leg, and a puncture wound in front.  So no surgery is needed!    While he is not happy with his forced leisure time, he is enjoying life in foster.


We will keep you posted as our new greys recover and prepare for retirement.

Guest Blogger: Renee Bennett - SA Greys Operations Director

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Two New Dogs today!

Liz Troudt picked up two new dogs this morning from the track. Both are in the temporary care of Renee Bennett.

This is Indigo, a beautiful blue boy, who came with a broken leg, and is scheduled for surgery at Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson  tomorrow.

This is Payson, a handsome brindle, who has injuries in front and back.  Payson is being examined at Twin Peaks Veterinary Center this afternoon, and will have x-rays taken to determine what care is needed.

Thanks to Liz and to Renee, for their dedication and caring.  We will keep you posted on developments.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Heartworm and Distemper

Is Your Dog Up to Date? 


Heartworm cases in Tucson are on a drastic rise!  One Eastside clinic diagnosed 7 cases last year!

At least 3 of these cases were local, east side, "couch potato" dogs who never traveled from Tucson. Some were from Sonoita.  Cimarron Animal Hospital diagnosed a stray last year with heartworm disease. 

Heartworm disease causes heart failure and lung disease in pets as earthworm-sized worms grow in the heart and arteries of the lungs, clogging up these vital structures.  Animals get heartworms by being bitten by mosquitoes who are incubating heartworm larvae, called microfilaria, in their salivary glands. 

Pets who live in areas with mosquitoes (it only takes 1!) or travel to places with mosquitoes are at risk.   Even in Tucson, where mosquitoes are relatively few, pets get heartworm disease. Many neighborhoods and homes have evaporative coolers or backyard ponds.  Because our mosquitoes are so well adapted to the desert, even a bottle cap full of water is enough for mosquitoes to breed!  And, lucky us, we can have mosquitoes year round due to our temperate weather. 

Winter visitors bring their pets, who sometimes harbor heartworms and are a source of the parasite to our mosquitoes.  Even our own coyote population is infected, serving as a reservoir of Heartworm larvae to mosquitoes.

     Heartworm disease is a disastrous, life threatening disease for a pet.

Treating Heartworm (HW) disease is expensive (~ $1200), and treatment itself, can be fatal.  Dogs, who are being treated for heartworm, can virtually have no exercise and very little movement so as to prevent dislodging a huge number of heartworms at once which could block heart and lungs and be fatal. 

A few years back, there was a greyhound from the track that tested positive for heartworm and had to be treated. We feel it is vitally important for greyhounds to be tested considering many of these dogs have raced in areas where heartworm disease is rampant like Florida or Alabama. Your SA Greys dog came to you heartworm tested and on Heartgard, so please keep this protection up.

Prevention is the safest, least expensive way to go.   Unless you have a big dog, you won't spend $1200 on HW prevention in your pet's entire lifetime! Heartgard also protects against round worms and hook worms.

It may not be a common problem, but it is getting worse and it's dastardly when it strikes.  A yummy chewable tablet once a month provides all the protection your pet needs. A dog must be tested for heartworm before they go on preventative. Tests are around $30. The preventative must be given year round. Some vets require yearly testing even if your dog has continually been on Heartgard, but that is a small price to pay.

Click on this article for more information:


There was a recent serious outbreak of distemper in Tucson. In fact, for a while the Humane Society of Southern Arizona was not taking in new dogs. Back in June, the Humane Society  offered a free vaccination clinic to bring area dogs up to date.

Adult dogs that are in contact with stranger dogs (dog parks, groomers and boarding kennels) should be vaccinated within the year. 

Adult dogs that are home bodies - don't have a lot of stranger dog exposure - should be vaccinated at least every 3 years.

Puppies should have Distemper vaccinations every 3-4 weeks between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks (usually 3 vaccinations). This disease is usually fatal in unvaccinated puppies.

All SA Greys dogs are current and up-to-date on their Distemper/Parvo shots at the time of adoption.


All dogs should have a Complete Physical Exam at least once a year to assess their overall health and to have parts checked by the vet that can't be examined easily at home. 

Greyhounds should have their teeth checked yearly too. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Guest Blogger: Mary Freeman - SA Greys Member

**Thanks to Cimarron Animal Hospital for some of the information in this article.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wink's Blog Update

We have all been following Wink's adventures and his recovery from leg surgery.  He is now in his forever home and our guess is that he is settling in pretty well.  Rumor has it that he is a big Dr. Who fan!  Here is an update from his new mom, and we will let you decide how it has turned out! 

Wink, now known as "The Doctor" is doing GREAT!! He had a little set back the first week I had him as his broken leg flared up and couldn't walk on it for a couple of days, I took him to the vet and they did X-Rays and it came back negative for a refractured bone, there was nothing wrong with his pins and I was told that either he had a bone infection or he sprained it somehow! But, he is back to his wonderful lazy self and getting along just great!

He is just a joy and he is hilarious! Every morning between 6:15 and 6:30am, he walks to my side of the bed and pokes me in the eye with his nose, telling me it's time to get up and get ready for work! LOL! If I don't get up when he wants me to, he drags my clothes into the living room! He even does this on the weekend! I get up, he goes potty, he eats breakfast and he takes a nap! LOL!  He loves riding in the car too! When he wants me to roll the window down, he stands behind my seat and tugs at the seat belt and licks the back of my head and he stops as soon as I roll the window down for him, and he can't wait until I even start the car!! LOL! And he just rides with his head out the window all the way to work! He doesn't get on the furniture at all! I actually got him to sit on the couch with me Saturday Night, as soon as I got up to get a drink from the kitchen, he got down and wouldn't get back up on it! It stormed greatly the other night at my house, and I thought he might be scared, so I invited him to sleep at the foot of my bed, he wouldn't even consider it, he just went to bed on his own bed next to mine and was out like a light!

He doesn't cabinet surf, he doesn't go through the trash can, he is house broken beyond belief! The only issues we have is he's not a good leash walker, and he barks incessantly should I leave the house to run to the grocery store, Costco or Target. I just don't know what to do about that, but we'll work through it! He gets to do a lot of things, I take him to the Greyhound meet and greets at PetSmart so he can visit, one Sunday we were up there, he discovered the toy aisle, picked out a toy, broke it out of it's package, and yeah, mommy had to pay for it! LOLOL! But, he walked out of the store with that in his mouth, his head held high and proud, it was too cute! We've gone to 4th Ave to visit our Friend, Lizzy Meade at her shop and hung out with her for a little while! One weekend, he even got his first Ice Cream treat that came with a milk bone! He ate that up like a mad man, but had nothing to do with the Milk Bone! LOL!

He is absolutely precious! I love my little guy like you wouldn't believe! He's spoiled rotten! He is just so much fun and is just a total blessing to have and I'm honored and privileged to be his fur mommy!! Life is greater with him in it!

Guest Blogger: Misty Pantel, SA Greys member and adopter