Thursday, September 18, 2014

Meet Chili - the latest Jackie's Fund Beneficiary

Chili on Wednesday
We would like you to meet Chili. He is our newest poster dog for Jackie's Fund for Special Needs Dogs.

Chili broke his leg Tuesday night at Tucson Greyhound Park. He was turned over to SA Greys on Wednesday morning, and was taken directly from the track to The Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson. After examination and x-rays he underwent surgery later in the day.

Those initial x-rays revealed the leg had splintered in seven different pieces. The breaks started in the lower leg, but continued up through the joint and into the upper leg. The surgeons at VSCOT were uncertain whether they could save the leg and we prepared for our first "tripod."

Two plates, three screws, four wires and five thousand dollars later, Chili still has four legs. Chili is now out of surgery and beginning his long road to recovery.  He will be going home to foster tomorrow, and will be under close observation and with extremely limited mobility directives from his surgeon.   A big thank you to the surgeons at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson for their hard work and creativity in crafting a solution.

Please keep our little Chili Bean in your thoughts and prayers during his recovery.

Your Jackie's Fund donations are what makes it possible for us to help hounds like Chili. Donations to Jackie's Fund will defray Chili's surgery expenses and allow us to assist the next broken hound coming off the track. Chili would like that. With our Matching Challenge under way right now, all donations you make will be immediately matched dollar for dollar. Please Donate now

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Dog Wash is Coming! The Dog Wash is Coming!

It's that time of year  -- the Fall Dog Wash is nearly upon us.  If you have a dirty dog we have the solution!

All Breed Dog Wash
 Sunday, October 12
10:00 am to 2:00 pm


Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson
4909 N. La Canada Drive

$10 wash, $10 nail trim 
wash and trim for only $15! 

in partnership with

Volunteers are needed, for brushing, for washing, for drying, for dog wrangling, and for helping dog wash customers. Contact Volunteer to sign up or for more information.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Children and Greyhounds

When my seven year old brother faces a greyhound, it is often a nose to nose encounter. He can still look down at some female greyhounds but many male ones can just about lick Tom's nose. When a big male greyhound raises his ears, the dog's ears could nearly brush my brother's chin. A male greyhound's paws are the size of Tom's fist. The greyhound is just about the height of a little kid.

Yet greyhounds are typically very gentle and kind dogs towards children. At the regular Meet and Greets around Tucson and Oro Valley, the greyhounds are happy to sniff and lick kid hands. When we visited the SA Greyhound kennels, Picasso, one of the dogs, was happy to frolic and walk around the courtyard with Tom. Afterwards, Tom gave Picasso a good petting and scratching. Their temperaments were matching. They both were calmer. When you pick a greyhound out, you have to think about what temperament dog would be best for you.

As it comes to large dogs, my brother likes calm ones that don't run around at break neck speed. He is afraid of being knocked over by a speeding dog. With a calm greyhound, my brother really enjoys lying on the carpet across from it. When Charlie, a volunteer's greyhound came to visit, Charlie lay down on the carpet with Tom. Tom slowly inched toward Charlie, a little happy smile appearing on his face. When the dog and child were only inches apart, Tom reached out and petted Charlie on the head, giving him a good scratch between the ears and underneath the collar. Charlie licked Thomas's hand and they both lay contently on the floor with smiles on their faces.

A well trained greyhound can make a kid like my brother, Tom, really happy. It's important to get to know a dog before adopting him. You have to meet the dog and know him or her a little bit. SA greyhounds puts in a lot of effort testing each of the greyhounds for their reaction towards cats, kids, and other small dogs. Still, meeting the dog and getting a scope of its personality is a good idea.

Thanks to guest blogger, Zoe Benson

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dine Out for Tucson Greyhounds

On September 23, when you dine at Longhorn Steakhouse between the hours of  5 pm and 9 pm, Longhorn Steakhouse will donate 10% of your meal (food cost) to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption (SA Greys) when you present this Longhorn Steakhouse Flyer.  Longhorn Steakhouse is located at 5725 East Broadway Boulevard between Craycroft Road and Chantilly Drive.

Longhorn Steakhouse serves fabulous food in an inviting atmosphere. The menu is based around great beef (of course!), but their wide variety includes burgers, ribs, seafood, chicken, pasta... and some  really great desserts!   Whatever your appetite, we know you will find food to please the palate. You can view the menu here.

SA Greys would like to thank Amy Pylipow and the Longhorn staff for this generous offer to help our greyhounds.

Bring your friends, neighbors and their friends. Treat yourself to a night out while helping transition retired racing greyhounds into forever homes.

Thanks for your support!

Bon appetit!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sasha and Frisco - An Update

Sasha and Frisco decided they were ready to leave the racing world for a life of leisure, and arrived at the kennel on September 4.  Their first photo appeared that day.  What a difference a week makes.  Here they are settled in at the kennel and getting accustomed to retirement.

Sasha is an absolutely gorgeous little fawn, very definitely on the shy side, and not too sure of the volunteers quite yet, but she had shown a lot of improvement in her first week. 

Sasha was not at all impressed by the stuffy toy that was presented to her... that may change.

Frisco is a very handsome guy, with great markings as you can see.  He is comfortable with the camera, and may find admirers fairly quickly!

Frisco enjoys the turnout area and covers a lot of ground while he is outside. Photos are by Steve Machtley, who was able to keep up with both of them and get these fun shots.

We will keep you posted on their progress.