Saturday, May 23, 2015

Annual Meeting - You Are Invited!‏

Dear SA Greys Friends: 
We invite you to join us at our 2015 Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption Annual Meeting - which will be held on June 14, beginning at 2:00 PM, at the City of Tucson Mid Town Service Center, 1100 S. Alvernon Way.

Help us to celebrate another successful year, with many more greyhounds in forever homes, many injured and ill greyhounds restored to health and ready for homes, and a year full of events and activities that spread the word in our community about the joy of greyhounds.

This is a celebration you will not want to miss.  We have special guests to welcome, information to share, and some surprises in store - not to mention refreshments, good company and conversation, as you catch up with old friends and fellow volunteers, and make new friends.  And of course, we will announce the results of the election to fill open positions on your Board of Directors.

SA Greys is your organization - the Annual Meeting is your chance to see the results of our collective efforts, meet the Board of Directors and give your feedback, and celebrate - we hope to see you there!

Thank you and a big ROOOOOOO from our hounds!  They (and we) thank you for your support, your energy and your dedication.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Meet and Greet Weekend!

11:00 - 1:00 PetSmart, River & Orange Grove: Holly and Terra
11:00 - 1:00 Petco Old Spanish Trail: Zachary, Indy, Katie, and Gatsby
INDY (top left), GATSBY (top right), ZACHARY (bottom left) and KATIE (bottom right)
Come out and meet your new best friend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two Sedona Hikes With Gambler

by Heather W

There are so many great trails in Sedona that it makes choosing one for a day trip a little daunting. I tend to go for hikes that are known to be paw friendly and easy enough to manage with a large dog, yet not so easy we'd get bored. With Gambler's increasing interest in climbing as many rocks as possible, I thought he would be up for the challenge of Boynton canyon. 
Boynton Canyon
Boynton Canyon is great if you really love those bright, terra cotta rock formations Sedona is famous for. I can't tell you how many times I had to stop and just say "wow" as I admired the landscape. For the most part this trail is powder fine red sand, but it does lead you over some potentially slick rock. If you're feeling adventurous however, there are plenty of places to do a little rock climbing if you and your hound are up for it. This trail is mostly up in the hills and has some great sweeping views of the surrounding cliffs, but there is no water to cool off in so make sure you pack in plenty. 
Boynton Canyon
As gorgeous as Boynton Canyon was, I can definitely say that West Fork was the more enjoyable and more beautiful (but that's my preference) trail. West fork takes you through Oak Creek several times, and also has a fine sand trail mixed with large rock formations.  Unlike Boynton, West Fork will take you through a fairy tale forest and over Oak Creek several times.  The creek was only a few inches deep last time we visited and we had a blast walking as far as we could through the creek.  If there's one thing Gambler loves more than climbing boulders, it's walking through water. I would definitely recommend not being afraid to get your feet wet! 
West Fork
Boynton Canyon trail is about a 3 mile round trip, where West Fork is about 8 miles round trip. While we only hiked 6 miles at West Fork, Gambler proved to be the odd Greyhound that has staying power! I have no doubt he could have made it the whole 8 miles (even if I couldn't).  Every time I take him out, I'm amazed by his athleticism and adventurous spirit. 
West Fork
Please note that these are very popular trails, and while you may not be hiking in crowds you definitely won't be in complete solitude. This also means that there will be other dogs (including small ones) on the trail. If you have a high prey drive hound, or one that doesn't care for other dogs getting in their face (Gambler hates this), please let oncoming pet owners know.  Sometimes the trail gets thin and it makes it difficult to pass, but it's still workable as long as you communicate.  

Boynton Canyon photos taken by Sharon Joubert @sharjphotography

West Fork photos taken by Heather Wall @Adventroverted

Find more pics and follow the adventures of Gambler @Adventroverted

Monday, May 18, 2015

Noel's Story

Noel being spoiled rotten in her new forever home!
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for taking foster dogs to Meet & Greet events.  This story is to let you know that it can really help your foster dog find their forever home.  Noel came to my home at the beginning of the year.  She has been to so many pet store M&Gs and other events that I can't even remember them all.  After four months there she was still waiting.  But she persevered.  Noel and her sister Holly were at the Trail Dog Days event.  An adopter who didn't even have Noel on her list of dogs that she wanted to meet came to Trail Dog Days hoping to meet one of them.  Well, none of them were there, but Noel and Holly and several dogs were.  She fell in love with Noel, and today Noel is in her forever home (and being spoiled rotten from all signs).  So it may not happen that way to every foster dog, but you never know when the right person will meet the dog that they were meant to have.  So again, thanks for taking your dogs to the M&Gs and helping your foster dog find their forever home.

Taryn Westergaard
SAGA Outreach Director

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Welcome Mason!

Welcome, Mason!  Mason is the second greyhound named as part of our Mother's Day fundraiser. Michele named him Mason in honor of her father. Thank you Michele and thank you Courtney for your donation.  Mason is calm, easy going, friendly and snack motivated. He made himself at home in the boarding facility within minutes.  

Four other people donated to SA GREYS in honor of their mothers. They will name the next four greyhounds coming off the track.

We can't take any more hounds at the moment, even though there are greyhounds waiting to be picked up.  As soon as we move hounds from boarding to foster, we can take more hounds.  Can you foster a hound...fill out an application right now!