Friday, August 29, 2014

Breaker and Gina Need Your Love

SA Greys has a shortage of fosters able to take greyhounds who are not cat tolerant or small dog tolerant.

Last week Breaker was scheduled for neuter surgery. The surgery had to be cancelled for lack of a post-surgery home for him. Breaker has a new appointment next Friday, September 5; Gina, his kennel mate, also has an appointment September 5 for her spay surgery.  Breaker is not cat tolerant or small dog tolerant.  Gina has not been tested with cats or small dogs so her status with small animals is unknown.


We know this precludes many of you from fostering them. We are counting on you though, because we know you have a network of friends, neighbors, coworkers or extended family, many of whom do not have cats or small dogs. Please enlist them. If they are new to fostering, or new to greyhounds, we know you will help us to coach them. We have many other very knowledgeable volunteers who likewise are available to support our fosters.

So, please, help. Please don't disappoint Breaker and Gina. Let's not leave them at the kennel, waiting for the opportunity to find their forever homes.

Call right now, if you or someone you know can help. Call right now while this message is open, and these numbers are at your fingertips.

520.955.7421  or   520.490.3759

Breaker and Gina are waiting - for your call - and for their forever homes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5 Reasons to Volunteer for Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption

Wave loves volunteers
Be part of the solution – Did you know the more volunteers SA Greys has – the more dogs that can leave the track? This especially applies to foster care homes.

Meet new like-minded people – Do you want to make friends who have similar values? Do you talk about your dogs 24/7?

Get the warm fuzzies – Greyhounds touch a part of our hearts because they are survivors turned into loved sponges. Lower your blood pressure when you pet a hound at a meet & greet, play with a hound at the Marana kennel, or watch a greyhound blossom during foster care.

Improve your self-worth – Making a difference in the lives of greyhounds (or any cat or dog rescue) boosts your self esteem, encourages self improvement, builds responsibility, looks good on a resume, and develops new skills.

The greyhounds are eager to meet you - The lifeblood of any organization is its volunteers. Volunteers move away, become sick or injured, have lifestyle disruptions. In order for any non-profit organization to thrive, there must have an influx of eager new volunteers. Would that be you? If you have been thinking about volunteering...NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME.

Do you have an hour to spare on Saturday, September 13th? 

Check out the SA Greys Volunteer Orientation from 10:30 to 11:30 AM

Where: Murphy-Wilmot Branch Library, 530 N. Wilmot Rd, Tucson 85711

And you just might meet a greyhound or two...

RSVP - Linda Begega, Volunteer Director,

Guest blogger – Karyn Zoldan

Monday, August 25, 2014

At the SA Greyhound Kennel on Sunday Morning

  Guest blogger, Zoe Benson

On this beautiful Sunday morning, four greyhounds are peeking out of their kennels. Diego, Breaker, Gina and Picasso are ready to play. Diego and Picasso are new pups to the kennel but are settling in quickly. Today, the greys are only allowed to run one at a time to prevent sharing possible germs and parasites brought in by newly rescued dogs. The kennel serves as a transition stage between the racetrack and a forever home.

Gina on a hedgehog hunt
This morning, Gina springs out of her enclosure with her hedgehog toy, tosses it up in the air and pounces on it. Volunteers don’t allow the dogs to share their toys for the same reason the dogs are not allowed to run at the same time. Gina pretends to be disinterested in her hedgehog before she leaps for it. After a lively play, she returns to the kennel, where a volunteer clips Gina’s toy to her enclosure’s door. She immediately heads for her little cot with a cheerful cover, which rests near water and food bowls. The doggies get four cups of dry food along with some wet food, once a day. On Gina’s door, there also hangs her personal collar, bought online, and a very detailed personal information board.

Diego prefers cuddles to running
Diego comes from his enclosure hesitantly at first, bringing his toy along. He plays with the volunteers happily but wants to get back to his newly cleaned enclosure. He is content to peek through the small door to the outside area of the enclosure. He still stays cool in the kennel’s air conditioning but gets a good view. Diego is already settling in.

Breaker taking a break
Breaker races out of the kennel and does three laps of the yard before settling down for a round of petting. Before a different dog is let out to run, the previous dog’s poop is picked up and the soiled area is sprayed by a volunteer with a bleach solution. Breaker finally returns to his clean, fresh enclosure where he chows down on his breakfast.

Picasso's Stretching Exercises
Picasso quietly exits his enclosure, smelling the ground and the fence. He trots the length of the courtyard before running to the fence and looking at the other greyhounds. He eventually goes inside where I choose the leash color for him and Diego. The leashes are carefully put in each dog’s bags along with a muzzle. The bags are hung on each dog’s door.

Our squeaky toys!
Taking care of these four greyhounds is a lot of work but it’s worth it to see them thrive and find homes. Volunteers don’t skip steps in taking care of these dogs, and the dogs love them for it.

Breaker Needs a Foster Home

It is a plea you have heard before, we know.  Still, we really do need foster homes with no cats or very small dogs.  


We had to delay Breaker's neuter surgery last week because he didn't have a foster.  He has another date with the vet, and so will need a foster September 6.  

Gina, also not cat or small dog tolerant. will need a foster home on the same date, for her spay surgery.  Additionally, Sammy needs a respite foster in September.  

Please - consider fostering one of these dogs.  Our long term fosters sacrifice a lot of time and energy to care for our hounds.  They need to be able to take a break or a vacation every now and then.  They can only do that if we provide a respite foster.

Call (520) 955-7421 now.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Please welcome Picasso and Diego to the SA Greys family! This photo shows our first glimpse of them. It was taken today when they were turned over to Liz Troudt, our track liaison. Keep checking back for updates on these handsome boys.